Computer Science Research Network - Subject Matter Journals

Computer Science Research Network Research Paper Series

CompSciRN Subject Matter eJournals
      Applied Computing eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Computer Principles (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Computing Tools (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Industry Practical Application (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Internet of Things (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Applied Computing (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Practical Computer Skills (Topic)
      Computation Theory eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Algorithms (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Computational (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Data Structure (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Mathematics (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Mathematics of Computing (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Computation Theory (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Theory of Computation (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Theory of Data (Topic)
      Computer Science Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal subscribe_fee
      Computer Science Negative Results eJournal subscribe_fee
      Computing Methodology eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Other Computing Methodology (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Problem Solving (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Systems Computing (Topic)
      Cybersecurity, Privacy, & Networks eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Cyber Attack (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Cyber Defense (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Cyber Management (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Data Breach (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Digital Forensics (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Cybersecurity, Privacy, & Networks (Topic)
      High Performance Computing eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Other High Performance Computing (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Parallel Processing (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Supercomputer Performance (Topic)
      Human-Computer Interaction eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Audio, Speech, & Language Processing (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Human-Computer Interaction (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Usability & Human-Centered Design (Topic)
      Information Systems eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Hardware Network (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Information Systems (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Process for the Collection, Filter & Distribution of Data (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Software Network (Topic)
      Machine Learning eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Artificial Intelligence (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Bayesian Probability (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Clustering (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Machine Learning (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Support Vector Machines (Topic)
      Robotics eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Assistive Devices (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Automation (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Biomechanics (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Human-Robotic Interaction (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Robotics (Topic)
      Software Engineering eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Design Development (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Maintenance, Testing & Evaluation of Software (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Software Engineering (Topic)
      Web Technology eJournal subscribe_fee
            CompSciRN: Accessibility (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Databases (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Frameworks (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Other Web Technology (Topic)
            CompSciRN: Servers (Topic)