Geography Research Network


Geography can generally be defined as the study of the extent, distribution, and scale of phenomena on the Earth’s surface. Yet Geography has had such broad scope, long history, highly varied conceptual focus, deeply multidisciplinary approaches, and rich theoretical development, that the discipline defies easy categorization. Geographers study the practices and processes, the discourses and materialities, that are at the root of—and also conditioned by—the ways in which space is produced, consumed, and reproduced. Its origin in Greek, as “earth-writing,” evokes well the field’s ethos to represent spatial realities, while underscoring the human inflection on the natural processes of the Earth. As a social science, Geography employs diverse methods, techniques, analytical tools, concepts, and practices that unpack spatial phenomena at all scales, from the globe to the nation-state to the body, making the field dynamic, relevant, and significant for contemporary study, and crucial to SSRN’s research networks.

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