Journal of Management Accounting Research Special Interest Forum on Sustainability in Management Accounting, Submission Deadline April 30 2022


Special interest topics: “Sustainability and Management Accounting” is the first of three new topics planned for a JMAR forum to encourage submissions of current and future research in these areas. Submitted papers may be invited to the feature presentation at the American Accounting Association MAS Meeting in January 2023 but conference participation is not required for publication. Accepted manuscripts will be published in the JMAR Fall 2023 issue.

Special interest topics considered for 2024 and 2025 issues are “Management control during and after a crisis” and “Goal setting theory and practice in the 21st century.”

Sustainability and Management Accounting Forum (2023 topic): Organizations provide increasingly detailed reports on corporate sustainability to external stakeholders. A large stream of research examines the relevance and performance outcomes of such reporting. The forum seeks to connect to and extend this research by examining how organizations internally manage sustainability issues, which planning and control practices are most effective in improving social and environmental performance, how managers balance financial and sustainability objectives, how sustainability performance is measured, and other related topics important both for theory and practice.

Forum Co-editors:
Mandy Cheng, University of New South Wales
Paolo Perego, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Naomi Soderstrom, University of Melbourne


FURTHER INFORMATION: A call for papers providing additional information and a detailed list of topics of particular interest is available at:
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PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Manuscripts should be submitted via the JMAR portal (, where they can be designated as special interest forum submissions.

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