Call for Papers- OCC Symposium on Climate Risk in Banking and Finance

Conference dates

06 Jun 2022 - 07 Jun 2022


Washington, DC


The OCC Economics Department will host a Symposium on Climate Risk in Banking and Finance on June 6-7 2022.

The symposium will provide a platform for interested academic and regulatory participants and experts in the field to meet and discuss research that lies in the interaction of climate change and the broader finance system. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to)

• PHYSICAL RISK directly arising from climate change: This would include topics such as flood risk to physical bank collateral, most notably real estate; the effect of other natural disasters on the finance or insurance industry; and the methodology behind the models that predict those risks.
• TRANSITION RISK from policies that would seek to mitigate these physical risks: Net zero goals and their effects on key segments of the finance industry; integrated assessment models and their usage in a climate-risk loss forecasting context.
• DIFFERENTIAL COMMUNITY IMPACT: The effect that the aforementioned climate-related risks have on potentially vulnerable communities and their access to financial services.
• CLIMATE RISK MODELING AND STRESS TESTING: Methodology and models of approaches that attempt to model any of these risks on banks and their obligors, along with regulatory experiences with such approaches; reduced form vs. structural approaches.
• ESG RATINGS AND REGULATORY RELIANCE: Derivation of ESG rating methodologies; their effects on investor behavior and capital flows; regulatory reliance on these ratings across the world.

We are soliciting both academic-focused papers and policy-focused research as it pertains to these topics. Submitted papers must represent original and unpublished research. Please submit your papers or 1-page extended abstract/executive summary by March 11, 2022 to

In addition, please indicate whether you would like to volunteer to be a discussant as well.