Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance – Special Issue: “New Perspectives on Corporate Governance in Entrepreneurial Firms”


Guest editors: Cristiano Bellavitis (Syracuse University), Marc Deloof (University of Antwerp), Igor Filatotchev (King’s College London), Niels Hermes (University of Groningen) and Ine Paeleman (University of Antwerp)

OVERVIEW: This special issue seeks papers that provide a better understanding of corporate governance in entrepreneurial firms, taking into account their heterogeneity and the environment in which they operate. We seek papers that consider different types of entrepreneurial firms operating in different environments, and examine their governance challenges in depth. We are especially interested in papers that investigate the effects of new technologies on entrepreneurial firms. We particularly welcome studies approaching this topic from multi-disciplinary perspectives and theoretical lenses, using qualitative or quantitative methods, and aimed to understand issues at any or multiple level of analysis.

• Submission Deadline is January 1, 2022.
• Manuscripts will be reviewed according to the Venture Capital double-blind review process.
• Submissions should be prepared using the Venture Capital Manuscript Preparation Guidelines.
• Manuscripts should be submitted via Manuscript Central through the journal’s website. Authors should select the special issue from the dropdown menu.
• For informal inquires related to the Special Issue, proposed topics and potential fit, please contact the guest editors.

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