Journal of Corporate Finance: Private Equity Call for Papers


Special Issue Call for Papers: Private Equity

August 2021

Private capital markets have grown in size and importance for the last 20 years, while the number of publicly-listed firms has declined. The finance literature is slowly catching up to this phenomenon with the number of papers on venture capital, private equity and entrepreneurial finance growing rapidly. A growing literature such as this one often grows because an extensive set of academics from outside the area find interesting topics in the space. In turn, the literature has reached a point where researchers face a host of alternative data sources, new regulations, changing government disclosure regimes and technological changes affecting the financing of startups. This developing research environment demands that the academics coalesce on standards and preview the next important steps. We propose a special issue of the Journal of Corporate Finance to achieve this goal. The issue has two major objectives. First, the issue will be a toolbox for researchers -- both faculty and PhD students -- with plans to enter the research area. The issue will help them become acquainted with the data, methods and institutional setting required for any publication-worthy paper. Second, the issue will be a space for short, descriptive papers on contemporary topics in private equity or venture capital that would otherwise find it challenging to be published in a journal like JCF. The editorial team will select papers whose new facts will provide a simple platform for future work that investigates deeper mechanisms or causal effects.

This special issue will be guest edited by Mike Ewens, California Institute of Technology & NBER.

Potential topics

We propose to solicit a variety of paper types and lengths with the primary goal of receiving papers that will have a clear impact on this growing literature, while representing crucial tools and methods papers cited by a wide set of literatures. Here are some specific paper topics that we will suggest for submission:

* summary of data sources on venture capital financings and investors
* summary of private equity returns data sources
* review of institutional setting for private capital markets since mid-2000 (e.g., JOBs Act, crowdfunding)
* primer on private equity research (i.e., “best practices”)
* review of the major dependent variables: definitions, alternatives, and evaluation
* non-US VC/PE markets
* descriptive papers on recent trends in private capital markets
* theoretical framework for understanding recent trends
* case studies on important events in VC and PE (e.g. SoftBank, Theranos, etc.)
* literature review

Submission formats
We will consider three formats. The first are completed papers. The second are research proposals, which should include the following elements:
1. Title and topic.
2. Objectives of the study.
3. Methodologies and research design.
4. If empirical: data description, proposed tests, and key predictions. A proposal will ideally have tables planned out.
5. If theoretical: model setup, proposed analysis, and key conjectures or predictions.
6. Timeline of delivery (that fits into the publication timeline below).
7. The CVs of researchers (as a supplementary appendix file).

The third option is a partially completed (or completed) paper. Partially completed papers may be submitted at the first deadline below and will be provided feedback on whether the paper fits the issue’s objectives.

All options should be provided in two files: one with a cover page including the author names, affiliations, and acknowledgements; and, another as an anonymous copy, which does not contain author information and acknowledgements.

For further information and to submit, go to:

We encourage early submission so that authors can be provided feedback on the fit with the issue and the opportunity to revise.

Proposals or partially-completed papers submitted by: Nov 1st, 2021

Full papers submitted by: Jan 15th, 2022

Accepted by: March 1st, 2022