Fintech, Pandemic and the Financial System: Challenges and Opportunities

A Special Issue of the:

Suk-Joong Kim, Professor of International Finance and Banking, The University of Sydney Business School, Australia

This edited book is scheduled as volume 22 of International Finance Review (IFR), an annual book series. The IFR publishes theme-oriented volumes on various issues in international finance, such as international business finance, international investment and capital markets, global risk management, international corporate governance and institution, currency markets, emerging market finance, international economic integration, and related issues. Elsevier Science published IFR volumes 1-8, and Emerald Group Publishing (U.K.) currently publishes the series – see


The latest volume of the IFR series is titled Fintech, Pandemic and the Financial System: Challenges and Opportunities. This volume will publish original papers that examine systemic challenges faced by a wide range of financial firms due to the current Pandemic and the continued disruptions introduced by financial innovations (Fintech).
Financial institutions, especially commercial banks, are facing unprecedented challenges brought on by the current Pandemic, less than a decade after recovering from the Global Financial Crisis and the Eurozone debt crisis. These challenges were exogenous and unpredictable, and their consequences will reshape the financial system architecture around the world.
Fintech, once dismissed as no more than a novel approach in servicing the segment of the population often overlooked by established financial intermediaries, is now challenging the traditional model of commercial and investment banking. Moreover, the inevitable future introduction of digital currencies that could replace national currencies in many business transactions has the potential to fundamentally change the business models of financial firms and how the financial system functions.
The cause of these challenges that contributed to the current difficulties that financial firms face are very different from the previous crises that they themselves had contributed to a large extent.

We encourage manuscript submissions that address issues relevant to the financial system in this new and rapidly changing global environment.

All types of original papers – theoretical, empirical, survey or policy-oriented – will be considered. Within this framework, possible topics include, but are not limited to:
• The impact of Pandemic on the financial system and financial firms
• Pandemic related systemic risks for banks
• Fintech risk in the financial system
• The role of cryptocurrencies
• The regulation of Fintech
• The role of central banks in the new international financial market architecture
• Central bank digital currency (CBDC)
• Monetary policy implications of the adoption of the CBDC
• Impact of Basle III on the financial system
• Challenges emanating from negative interest rates
• The long-term impact of quantitative easing
• Global trends in commercial and investment banking
• Emerging market financial sector developments
• Impact of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) requirements for financial firms.

• First submission by 31 Dec 2021. Send Microsoft Word or pdf format submissions to with a subject heading ‘IFR22 submission’.
• A review request for selected papers will be sent out by 31 Jan 2022
• Final draft submission by 28 Feb 2022.
• Papers will be processed as they are submitted, so editorial decisions can be made for early submissions much earlier than the first submission deadline.