Announcing New Fall 2021 AES webinar series


Accounting and Economics Society (AES) is pleased to announce its 2021-2022 Weekly Webinar Series schedule. This fall, AES continues its Weekly Webinar Series with an expanded set of webinars formats, building on our past success of weekly events. In addition to regular workshop-style webinars, we are adding three new formats as part of the rotation:

AES Big Topic Conversations: these one-hour hosted talks expose AES member researchers to a wide range of big ideas, scholars and events in an informal, conversational format, without the narrowness of a single paper and designed to be more open-ended and interactive. We want to use "AES Big Topics Conversations" as an experiment to conduct a more philosophical, deep discussion about an important problem in accounting research.

AES Tutorials: these one-hour hands-on demonstrations expose AES member researchers to a specific methodological and technical area in an intensive but self-contained manner. We want to use “AES Tutorials” as an experiment to connect audience researchers to ready-to-use research tools and encourage more hand-on participation of new research techniques..

AES Theory Talks: these one-hour discussions provide AES member researchers with conversations about new working papers and published research in the form of podcast and open audience (everyone is invited!) with the goal of learning insights and perspectives on accounting theory outside the scope of a single paper yet useful in exchanging the ideas of consuming, using, and creating accounting theory.

Alternating with the existing AES Research Webinars, these three new series will run on Friday US CENTRAL TIME zone 12noon-1pm. If you would like to attend these webinars, please join the AES as a member at

Here are the current schedule for the upcoming weeks:
9/10/2021, AES Big Topic Conversations: From Dawn to Dusk? Origins and Evolutions of Accounting Across the Ages, conversation with Sudipta Basu (Temple) and Greg Waymire (Emory)
9/17/2021, AES Theory Talks: Bringing Accounting Theory in the Classroom
9/24/2021, AES Big Topic Conversations: The Pulls of Psychology and Economics with Steve Kachelmeier.
10/1/2021 AES Tutorials: Dynamic Programming in Matlab: An earnings management example
10/8/2021 AES Theory Talks: Contemporary Topics in Financial Accounting Research
10/22/2021, AES Big Topic Conversations: Conservatism: the Most Important and Misunderstood Feature of Accounting with Chandra Kanodia.
10/29/2021, AES Theory Talks: New Research and Accounting Challenges in Banking
11/5/2021, AES Tutorials: Continuous-time contracting theory
11/19/2021, Big Topic Conversations: Living Real-world Accounting Problems as a Scholar, conversation with Rick Antle (Yale).
12/3/2021, AES Tutorials: Global Games
1/14/2021, AES Big Topic Conversations: Accounting for Risk, Stephen Penman (Columbia).
02/11/2022, Big Topic Conversations: How Computer Science is Changing Accounting, Miklos Vasarhelyi (Rutgers).
03/04/2021 AES Big Topic Conversations: by Christian Leuz (Chicago)
04/08/2022, AES Big Topic Conversations: From Casual to Causal Inference Redux: How Does Theory Helps Causal Inference, Dan Taylor (Wharton).