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Law is the basis of a functioning modern society. Laws dictate how members of a society must act and also proscribe certain acts. From international laws to local ordinances, multiple layers of laws impact our daily lives. An understanding of law is necessary to analyze and understand interactions between individuals, businesses, and governments.

There are many facets to law. Law both influences and is influenced by society. SSRN recognizes this reality by offering subject matter eJournals covering a wide variety of topics, both traditional and emerging. Specific substantive law topics are covered, as well as topics that impact law, such as legal education, legal research, and legal writing. The latest developments in law, including corporate compliance, cyberspace law, and artificial intelligence, are also addressed.

SSRN provides numerous subject matter eJournals that are then organized into subtopics. This detailed categorization allows legal scholars to effortlessly search the database for articles relevant to their research and also helps to create an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Law. The legal research found on SSRN is constantly intertwined with the numerous other research topics, which supports many unique pieces of research with a cross-disciplinary feel.

LSN is one of SSRN’s original research networks and researchers have been adding to its collection for over 25 years. SSRN is a great way for researchers to practice early sharing and provides the potential for early feedback on their work. It also provides the unique ability to connect with other researchers around the world in the field of law as well as exposure for their work in other disciplines.

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