Marketing Research Network


Marketing is a field of study that seeks to advance the understanding of the processes of creating, informing, delivering and exchanging products and/or services that provide value for customers and society. The field employs both qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate various marketing-related phenomenon such as consumer behavior, retailing, promotion, pricing, branding, consumer decision making, consumer choice modeling and consumer psychology. SSRN and the Marketing Research Network (MKT) provide an outlet for researchers to disseminate the latest ideas and scholarly work in marketing. It categorizes the research into behavioral aspects (e.g., affect and emotion, perception, culture, group influence, personality), managerial issues (e.g., brand management, strategy and planning, customer relationship management, product line development, promotion, pricing, advertising) and analytical studies (e.g., data analysis, consumer choice modeling, sector-specific research). It gives researchers the ability to connect with other researchers around the world in their own or other fields, to get more exposure for their work in other disciplines and to post papers that may not be accepted for traditional journals due to their more narrow scope.

Marketing Papers